Weekend with Dad

Saturday morning, my dad and I headed over to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for the Pimlico Farmers’ Market. The walk from the tube station to the market was absolutely beautiful and the houses in this area are so amazing. Of all the places I’ve visited in London the past two and a half weeks, Kensington’s definitely my favorite! Like I would definitely live there if I could. Except that I saw a real estate ad for a one-bedroom apartment in the area that was on the market for 1.2 million pounds… definitely out of my price range…


The Pimlico Farmers’ Market was adorable and everyone there was really helpful. The weather ended up being surprisingly nice which gave dad and I the opportunity to just walk around and browse through all the different stands before making any purchases.



Apparently another name for eggplant is aubergine. I actually really dislike the taste of eggplant but they were just such a pretty shade of purple that I had to snap a picture of them!





Here’s a complete list of produce and food items that I ended up buying that morning:

  • Tomatoes
  • Green beans
  • Fish cakes
  • Truffle ravioli
  • Beet-infused ravioli
  • Poppy seed bread
  • Cosmos

I bought the Cosmos for the house because they were just so stunning and I thought that we could use some color in the kitchen. Our last bouquet of flowers wilted around a week ago and I thought these would be perfect to replace them.

ImageThe beet-infused ravioli I bought:Image

After dropping off my market goodies back at the house, dad and I headed over to the South Bank. We had a scheduled tour of Tate Modern later in the afternoon so we stopped for lunch at a restaurant right along the Thames. The restaurant had floor to ceiling windows facing the river and we had an incredible view of the water and St. Paul’s.


We met up with our tour guide after lunch and walked over to the Tate. Honestly, I have mixed emotions about the visit. I absolutely loved the museum (don’t get me wrong) but I didn’t enjoy our tour. While Duchamp’s La Fountaine is one of my favorite artworks in the entire world, I tend to have a difficult time comprehending and understanding modern art and the meaning behind the pieces. And until I really understand the reason for the creation of the work, it usually just looks foreign to me. So when I participate in a tour like this, I really appreciate if I’m given some background information. Unfortunately, the tour guide basically just walked us from piece to piece asking us describe how the painting made us feel, as if we were in a therapy session. While this approach may work for an art history class, it just ended up making me frustrated. I am definitely planning to visit Tate Modern again; all of the works in the museum, though sometimes strange, are incredibly personal to the artist which makes viewing them such an intimate experience. I will probably invest in an audio tour next time though.


Because of all the homework I’ve been procrastinated completing, this post has taken way longer to write but “Part 2” will be on the way shortly 🙂


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